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Dones Lliures i Feliçes

(Women empowerment through Happiness)

The project

Dones Lliures i Feliçes project facilitates the empowerment of women individually and also in their relations with the community. The methodology is laughter therapy and expressive games. Training in recreational methodology is offered to women so that they can volunteer, enriching their experience and offering them the support of the network.

It arises from a project that has been carried out in different municipalities of Catalonia as part of a program of the Special Attention Services for Women, due to its great success and participation because it has generated motivation, mobilization and unity among the participating women.

Many of these women take care of dependent people or have some emotional, relational and labor difficulties, and with this workshop they recover the joy, passion and willing to live.

Conducted by

Comparte Risoterapia with Isolda Cárdenas, director and 10 years experience in the field doing workshops in different countries.

What and How to sponsor

You can sponsor the program or co-sponsor it with another company.

The program is 10 months long and has a budget to accomplish and complete it.