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Meet&Map aims to transform organizations and turn them more sensitive with their purpose within what we consider a healthy and sustainable company.

We do this by


Supporting the organizations to generate the best atmosphere, so they undertake conscious decisions considering a win-win-win process were both parts + the environment wins in an agreement.


Participating in prevention of risks at work, to have an effective psychosocial care with an adequate stress management.


Sponsoring social projects, cooperation and partnerships or exchange of good practices are also part of our contribution to a sustainable life living.

This is what we Offer:


Corporate Social Responsibility​

In Meet&Map we understand Social Responsibility as a transversal centerpiece of all the decisions that an organization can make.


Workshops & Consulting Services

We offer perspective and inner climate transformation for your organization in 3 fields: Systemic Resources, Teambuilding and Strategy & Creativity.


Cooperation and exchange
of good practices

Meet and Map is part of a network of exchange of good practices through the Human Economy organization, the promotion of European Projects and other actions and events that enhance social values.


Other Services:
Translations & Events Services

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