meet the team

We are a group of people committed to different projects individually. Each one has an organization with common values for meet and map foundations. Our life is a constant groove of shaping, renewing, learning and supporting.


Claudia Dakhil Carcovich

Born in Lebanon in 1979, my father Sami is from Bethlehem and my mother Graciela is from Lima, Perú with Croatian and English background.

I have studied Public Relations and Marketing, International Cooperation and Human Resources Management. For personal development,  Systemic Thinking, Gestalt Therapy and Laughter Therapy. 

My professional background has been through Sales Departments and Project Management. I have been always a business matcher between complementary professionals and industries.


I am passionate about team development, purpose alignment of groups, complementary sectors in a context of caring and building values.

When creativity is used to generate beauty and cooperation, I feel hope and feel the impulse to give the best to help a network of positivity extend itself.

Meet&Map and Women’s Map is an invitation and a contribution to  help individuals connect with their purpose and build common projects together with inspiring people. 


Lucine Ellarian

Born in Yerevan 29 years ago, based in Amsterdam and actively involved in projects all over the globe. 

Born in Yerevan 30 years ago, based in Amsterdam and actively involved in projects all over the globe. 

She graduated from Windesheim University and holds a Bachelor in Business Administration. She completed her Masters degree in Political Philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Besides teaching political theories and philosophy she is actively involved in several cultural projects as project manager.


She is the Co-founder and Producer of Art Root Collective, an ensemble of 20 musicians from all over the world that provides a platform for integration, creativity and community building.

She develops projects for Stichting de Vrolijkheidan NGO providing a broad palette of art workshops to children and youngsters in 30 refugee camps in The Netherlands.

In 2019 she founded Project SARI, an NGO that invests in community capacity building, social Innovation, youth empowerment and culture in a village in Armenia called SarigyughThe format is piloting several projects that will be enrolled on provincial as well as national level. 


Daniel White

With more than 25 years involved in Erasmus + European Commission Projects, with more than 1800 vídeos in Vimeo (BrickMe) of all the education and training workshops in 12 different countries.

He works in the field of Entrepreneurship offering a new approach better suited for dealing with the digital transformation and innovation faced by so many organizations.

He supports change makers and social innovators and provides training in several methodologies such as BRICKme

He develops a training program tailored for EU Projects such as Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020.

Daniel runs on a regular base workshops in several countries such as Israel, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, France, Lithuania, Jordan supporting young entrepreneurs.

He brings to the project a series of tools including Design Thinking, U-Methodology, Lego Serious Play, Business Model You, Gamification and Crowdsourcing campaign, Agile and Kanban.


Esther Perelló

Strategy Consultant, Social Economy Innovator, Speaker and Trainer.

Co-Founder of — Strategic Transversal Innovation. Fasolà is a reference entity that contributes in a concrete and holistic way to social, strategic and environmental sustainability through the transversal development of people, projects and products.


Strategy Consultant for Cooperatives and Social Projects in Col·lectiu Ronda for more than 3 years. Trainer for entrepreneurs in different Cooperatives and for Social – Economy Innovation programs in Barcelona Activa, Local Government that offers services for companies and entrepreneurs.

Benet Solans Arnau

I was born in 1961 in Barcelona. I am basically an entrepreneur and manager. With 30 years of experience in management inside the field of Advertising. For 10 years immersed in Systemic and Personal Consulting.

Bachelor of Information Science, specialized in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Scholarship (AEAP&UAB) in Training for Young Creative People. Degree in Psychology (CUDEC), specialized in Systems Psychology.

International Certification by Talent Manager in Organizational Constellations and International Certification in Systemic Management and Organizational Constellations by the Multicultural University Emilio Cárdenas and Infosyon with Cecilio Fernández Regojo. 

Intensive International Training with Bert and Sophie Hellinger in Mexico City, Cancun and Spain.

Certificate in Emotional Training. Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Training. MasterPracticioner in NLP by the Neuron Institute with Allan Santos.

International Certification in Success Factor Modeling to Next Generation Entrepreneurship by Instituto Neuron and Dilts Strategy Group with Robert Dilts.

International Certification in Generative Coaching by the Neuron International Association for Generative Change Institute with Allan Santos, Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilliga.