What is meet&map?

Meet&Map is an international non-profit association created as a response of 15 years meeting different industries and finding the cross-lines between each other. Founded in Barcelona – Maresme, Spain on Dec. 2014.

We encompass environments such as private business, social entities and entrepreneurs, institutions, ecological and personal development organizations. We aim to bring innovation, cooperation and sustainability.

Meet&Map  promotes methodologies and trainings that empower individuals and groups driven by a common and ethical purpose.

Meet&Map is ready to support community building from the base of concept. We cooperate for good practice exchange between organizations. Every action is also adapted and offered for a female-only environment as we believe, women drive social purpose through natural methodologies that are not always visible or tangible in this moment of time. This is our Women’s Map section.

We help you to:

  • MANAGE, Motivate and Unite your Team or Community
  • BUILD an integrated and transversal Strategy
  • MAP your Project based on your Business Social Values
  • PROMOTE Synergies between Groups of Interest
  • UNITE Creativity with Strategy with an Aligned Purpose
  • DEVELOP projects driven for or by Women

meet the power of mapping & map the power of meeting


Meet&Map aims to be a transversal international reference of Training, Innovation and Cooperation for small and middle organizations with sustainable goals.

Also empowering individuals and ethical networks.

Promote transversal trainings, cooperation and exchange good practices.
Enhancing the sustainability and empowerment of Women and their Networks.
Support Social Entrepeneurship as a base for solid Community building.




Meet&Map drives change into individuals and organizations to align personal and community values through workshops, events, community building and partnerships.

Training and Educational programs to promote purpose alignment and positive social impacts. .
Disseminate resources that inspire personal and organizational transformation.

‟If you want to go fast, walk alone.
If you want to go far, walk with someone„

~African proverb

How do we do it?

Services for Businesses
& Organizations

Workshops, Consultancies and Social Responsibility participation programs. Proposals for organizations to inspire, innovate, get all together and... Transform.

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Women's Map
Networks & Inspiration

Projects and solid references for women social entrepeneurs and inspirational networks and resources are joined here to serve you.

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Services for Social Entrepreneurs

Which are your values? How can you make them practical? What do you need to understand better where you are and where you want to go? This is an invitation to Place Yourself on the Map.

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“The roots embrace while the branches fight with each other”

~Senegalese Proverb

Come and be part of our network!

Our Partners and Support Network

People that love what they do and are ready to co-create togeher.

Our Team

We are a group of people committed to different projects individually. Each one has an organization with common values for meet and map foundations. Our life living is a constant groove of shaping, renewing, learning and supporting .

Claudia Dakhil Carcovich


Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1979, my father Sami is from Bethlehem, Palestine and my mother Graciela is from Lima, Perú with Croatian and English background (omg, what a mix!)

I have studied Public Relations and Marketing, International Cooperation and Human Resources Management. For self development:  Systemic Thinking & Gestalt Therapy.

The best master is life in it’s self and just how it is.

Meet and Map and Women’s Map are an invitation and a contribution to help individuals and organizations connect and enjoy their purpose aligned with their deepest and unique values. After that, we drive together through natural networking with other inspiring people.


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