Wings For Hope mission is to find, locate and reach out to victims who have been evacuated out of the Gaza strip to hospitals worldwide.
The project will initially work on a priority basis for children in addition to adults whom are the sole providers for their families.
Bionic Family is the partner organization responsible for producing the prothesis. It is a non-profit organization that produces high-tech, advanced 3D
prostheses to ease amputees’ daily lives. The bionic limbs are lightweight, breathable and customized in colour and design for anyone of any age, including toddler.
WFH is led by a group of independent Arab entrepreneurs, bringing together different stakeholders, philanthropists and non profit humanitarian institutions, with the sole purpose of providing humanitarian relief.
Please see more in their website here.
Bionics Family has previously worked with refugee populations in partnership with
UNHCR and works to raise awareness and change stigmas around children amputee’s
lives in the Middle East. 
If you are interested in their expertise and projects please visit here.