Why Women's Map?

Women’s Map was born on the 21st of May 2018 as an impulse of expanding and caring of women empowerment.

We believe empowerment for women comes from inspiration, atmosphere, influence…and deep listening and understanding.

Women’s Map Vision and Mission is to guide or inspire young and elder women to build and sustain a social project or a volunteer experience based on their passion. We realize this through our network and educational trainings and workshops.

In a small talk, once, we interviewed spontaneously, an experienced woman that is responsible of an international network of professional and entrepreneur women. She said something very simple and revealing:

«We, as women, sometimes don’t realize that the responsibilities and determination we asume naturally as mothers, when we care of our families, can also be extended in our ability to raise, care and accomplish our own professional project»

We may feel lost or afraid when it’s time to be visible and lead our professional adventure as a sustainable service. And we may not realize that, all the abilities we need are already in practice in our everyday life as mothers.

So here, from Women’s Map, we want to learn, train, connect, care, inspire and get inspired. We want to strengthen individual and collective purpose driven by our hearts and cooperate to build a personal and professional life more in balance.

«There is two ways of spreading light:
To be a candle, or the mirror that reflects it.»

~Edith Wharton

A Creative & Meaningful Network

Being Creative is empowering, is vibrant, respecting our natural cycles, we love creating. For us, creativity is the art of living, nature is art, beauty is essential, expression, harmony, inspiration is natural.

We want to explore the adventure of exchanging experiences, healing and cooperating together.

Meaningful as drawing circles of wisdom, knowledge, spaces for silence and insights.

We listen to the Systemic Thinking approach as an essential perspective to place natural order to help the flow.

Also we listen to Gestalt Therapy as a creative way to take responsibility while dealing with needs of oneself and others.

We listen to Laughter Therapy, as the Play, Laugh and Heal method is essential to our sense of pleasure and joy for Life.

We also listen to an organic, cyclic, wild and creative ability to be in the professional life as a women entrepreneur, coach or mentor.

We believe in supporting and being supported.

If you want to be supported or trained
or if you want to be a mentor and join our network…