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What is meet&map?

It is an international non-profit association that contributes to creating synergies and projects between European and Mediterranean countries.

Our main concerns are the lack of job creation that respects people and nature and provides values alignment, in addition to the isolation of organizations and initiatives that effectively work on strategic support, especially amid the forced migration. Meet & Maps aims to create the right space to support and enrich a healthy entrepreneurial environment Also the situation of increasing forced migration.

We are professionals dedicated to leadership, communication, systemic transformation, and collaboration.

We have experience in European projects, events, social entrepreneurship training, awareness-raising activities and a large variety of workshops.

We meet to map with:

  • PARTNERSHIPS:We provide sources to build effective long-term and sustainable partnerships.
  • WORKSHOPS: Our team of professionals and networks share their learning experiences, tools, and practices.
  • COMMUNITIES: We inspire the generation and cohesion of communities. Also help to encounter opportunities to build a community.

The map is not the territory ...

the map is interpretation while the territory is the real space with its experiences

Our focus is to generate joint ventures through events and trainings that have an international impact and we do this by linking European countries with those of the Mediterranean (Euromed). We travel in a constant learning dialogue.

We acknowledge the difficulties of migration, youth unemployment, the situation of women, war, economic frameworks, and climate or religious conflicts. The coordinated cooperation of civil society representatives, private enterprises, and politics are our main focus for the change of paradigm. Meet & Map therefore facilitates spaces to connect and align complementary initiatives.

As Javier Peña says with his initiative Hope! We envision complexity systemic approach of conflict as an opportunity to reimagine our future, connecting us to ourselves, the community and nature.df

*Transparency: Building trust in relationships through communication.

*Innovation: Creating new patterns of behavior and opportunities with a regenerative and systemic integration perspective.

*Equity: While equality offers identical treatment to all people, equity recognizes that not everyone starts from the same place and this requires adapting what we provide.

*Conscious Action: Ways that contribute to self-knowledge, and awareness of nature preservation and community developement.

Meet & Map aims to be an international reference in knowledge exchange, strengthening individual and collective purpose through activities and synergies that favor the regeneration of nature and their communities.

Our mission is to create spaces for non-formal learning experiences and sustainable growth through partnerships, training, workshops, and events.

We support green and social entrepreneurs, artists as well andethical technology initiatives through our own projects or those of related entities.

WINGS FOR HOPE _ Gaza Relief Project

The WFH mission is to find, locate and reach out to victims who
have been evacuated out of the Gaza strip to hospitals worldwide. In partnership with Bionic Family
Lebanon, will focus on providing bionic, non static, high tech
prothesis for all who have been affected by the indiscriminate
carpet bombings

Wings for Hope project will initially work on a priority basis for children in addition to adults whom are the sole providers for their

Read more here

Articles and Videos

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To whom Meet & Map is addressed?

We target young and committed people, whether in an individual initiative or through an organization. We also target entities consistent with the values of human rights, social justice, respect for nature and the circular economy.

We have experience in European projects KA1 which is a financial line for student and teacher mobility. Also in KA2 which is for strategic alliances and training for adults.

  • We help you to create a consortium.
  • We can write and participate in a project.

Our own Social Innovation Area!

Promote mult-istakeholder partnerships between different actors with common or related projects.

  • We support and dinamize your community.
  • We create learning spaces, case studies of multi-sector and multi-actor alliances

We invite you to sponsor a program, proposal or event.

  • We can co-create together for your community, network, or environment you would like to target.
  • You can join to our own events and workshops.

Entrepreneurs and Youth

If you are an entrepreneur, ask about our programs for this year.

If you want to know about ELNN’s youth programs, we have two annual events and a platform for you.

Roots embrace each other while branches fight (African proverb)

Roots embrace each other while branches fight
(African proverb)

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International networks in which we have participated and with which we can generate projects.

Lebannon Mapped

Meet & Map participated in the program of visits organized by the Lebanon, Syria and Madrid office of a European organization through the so-called Migration Group.

We were able to listen to 8 different actors linked to the political, economic and social situation aggravated by the growing movement of refugees.

Read the detailed article.

Morocco Mapped

Institute For Futures together with Meet & Map participated in the Reshaping Europe and Reshaping Entrepreneurship days at the Rabat office of Friederich Naumann .

The various incubators of entrepreneurship and social innovation along with foundations, institutions, and NGOs have transformed our perception of the African continent, filling it with hope. Read article here.

Youth Leadership Network
ELNN - LeadBYNature, Romania

Lead by Nature was a training on leadership and natural laws with Mathiew K. Cross and Gabriela Blaga in Bran, Romania. About 25 youth organizations from 13 different countries participated. Meet & Map was the only member from Catalonia and Spain.

The coexistence, learning, and potential of that one-week training initiated what is now a community open to developing leadership projects for young people, the ELNN in which you can participate. Open for our Discord Channel.

International Projects

Projects carried out 2022/23/24

Globe Trotters: women with international vision

Globe Trotters is a KA2 Small Scale project that we started this year.

The objective is to train and inspire women entrepreneurs to look at the international perspective of their activities.

FIT: financial literacy training for women entrepreneurs

FIT Project is a free training for mentors, trainers and also entrepreneurs with circular economy criteria. This program has been developed between 6 countries: Lithuania, Italy, Malta, Greece, Poland and Spain.

Skills for Youth Leaders: multicultural workshop & toolkit

We have participated in training young leaders who in turn work with children and adolescents to give them tools in their skills and above all an international experience with 40 participants from 19 countries.

ICT Seniors: good practice exchange for digital inclusion

Coordinated from Bolu, Turkey, the remaining 7 countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland, England, Scotland, Spain, Poland, Scotland and Bulgaria joined together for an exchange of best practices of digital social inclusion programs for seniors.


From October 2023 we are aligned with our Human Compass which is the guide of morals we have as human beings. We arise the wisdom of our ancestors and learn from mistakes of humanity to bring the best for all living beings. With our knowledge and our hearts, we leave behind our complicity with death and oppression. We end behaviours that damage our hearts and our souls, any sense of oppression of our freedom of living, creating and organizing a beautiful life.

Kites & Butterflies have destinations...... everything has hope...
for our kids in Gaza


Saturday, November 25 from 16:00 to 20:30

Activities - Workshops - Events

“There are two ways to bring light; to be a candle that illuminates or the mirror that reflects it.”

~Maya Angelou


Initiatives that energize related projects with which we are involved

We participate in a network of circular economy entrepreneurs in 8 Mediterranean countries.

Our team

Each person who contributes to Meet & Map is committed based on their conscience, creativity and leadership. We are always on the move and willing to meet more people to network.

Claudia Dakhil Carcovich

founder & systemic roots explorer

Trained in Public Relations, International Cooperation and Systemic perspective. Certified by the International Coaching Federation for leadership coaching and The Partnering Practice of TPI for the development of multi-actor and multi-sector alliances.

I bring with me a personal background of different cultures that facilitates empathy and curiosity. I am passionate about creativity and collaboration in finding solutions in adverse circumstances.

I firmly believe that Meet & Map is an invitation and a contribution to generate new models of society.

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