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>>Presentation of the Barcelona Cases<<

Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, el departament de Persones Grans, el Departament de Persones Grans

They came with more than 20 different programs. We had to choose one, although we talked about several at the meeting.
We chose
as it is a project that can also be translated into several languages.
is an application that is provided to the elderly together with a tablet that is given to them free of charge. There is a social worker who helps them learn how it works.

Esplai Foundation
It has an area dedicated exclusively to digital literacy. They go hand in hand with a methodology called Aprenentatge i Servei where those who receive knowledge put it at the service of a volunteer.

That is what they did with the case they presented to us:

Connecta Jove
An intergenerational example. Young people who teach older people how to use their phones or computers, after having received specific technological training at their center. In this way the benefits are very broad, since the young people also learn to be of service, in a voluntary capacity, and the elderly feel seen and cared for by new generations that are not family, but community.

Cibernarium and Libraries of Barcelona
Cibernarium is an important technology center in the city where many types of digital literacy events and trainings are facilitated. Together with the Libraries, this program has been created to bring digitization tools to all neighborhoods.