Corporate Social Responsibility

Meet&Map understands social responsibility as a transversal centerpiece of all the decisions that an organization takes. We believe in a future where this process will be implanted naturally in all sectors.

How do we proceed?

As consultants we first interview both sides and have a strong database of social programs and also of private organizations willing to get involved.

We first listen an understand the needs and potentials of the common adventure. Then we can dive into a second or third interview together to co-create the new partnership for that specific goal we agree.

Our special focus is to attend small and middle organizations from both sides (social and private), although we could also work in very precise areas with bigger ones.

At the moment the most developed action line is the the Sponsorship area. During our interviews, we can also reach

Why Sponsor?

  • Give branding a living experience outside conventional passive advertising media.
  • Activate the values of the company through real and ‘touchy’ experiences that meet foundations and values of your company with employees, customers or general audience.
  • Contribute to a social project and its growth, co-create growth together, exchange experience, learn and explore new enriching possibilities.
  • Promote the sense of belonging to the organization, the employee engagement.  Help your team and employees feel grounded in the mission of the company, a mission that is bigger than the company itself.

Let’s meet each other, listen and co-create the adventure through a three session pack. Together we’ll list the most accurate possibilities of Sponsorships & CSR Programs

Taller de Risoterapia por Isolda Cárdenas,  México

Dones Lliures i Feliçes
(Women empowerment through Happiness)

Through laughter therapy and expressive games, this project facilitates the empowerment of women individually and also in their relations with the community.


Jornades de Part i Art
(Birth and Arts Events)

Scheduled to take place during October 2020, this group of artistic events aims to rescue the Birth Experience from anonymity and observe it from the intimacy, beauty, tenderness and generosity point of vew of women.


‟Goodness is the only investment that never fails "

~Henry David Thoreau