a meet&map Corporate Social Responsibility Project

Jornades de Part i Art

(Birth and Arts Events)

The project

Jornades de Part i Art is scheduled to take place during the month of October 2020 where several events is proposed in different public and private spaces.

‟Birth as a motive of social and artistic creation„

A set of artistic events want to rescue Birth experience from anonymity and observe it from the intimacy, beauty, tenderness and generosity of women.

We take the BIRTH, as a central reason to be reflected with the intensity it deserves from Art and Creation perspective.

BIRTH is the moment in which, through WOMEN, a new LIFE comes into this world. It is a transcendent moment of LIFE. The way birth is given is a
primordial experience for each creature, each woman, each family and has the total importance for survival as a human species.

Conducted by

Migjorn is an organization specialized in natural birth since year 2000, placed in a small village in Catalonia.

It also organizes several activities in the educational field for children, adults, schools and institutions.

What and How to sponsor

During the month of october 2020, cinemas, cultural centers, theatres, institutions, schools and all spaces are invited to represent through art, films, performances, paintings, pictures, poems, talks, to inspire people about Birth through Art.

Organizations are invited to sponsor a location, a particular event or the logistics of the complete event.