a meet&map Workshop and Consulting Service

Teambuilding through Laughter Therapy

Art and Enthusiasm or Motivational Research


Meet&Map organizes specific Workshops to help creating a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

The dynamics are based on Laughter Therapy and Art Therapy Methodologies. It is shown that the heart or valve activates the motivation of people and teams. It is capable of awakening joy, creativity and enthusiasm for living and therefore it helps to create a Healthy Work Environment where there is:

  • Natural implication for the work that is done.
  • Trust, appreciation and collaboration
  • Assertive communication.
  • Joy and enthusiasm
  • Creativity and innovation.

Our clients propose these activities as a part of a Prevention in Risks at Work programs, Psychosocial areas and Stress management objectives. The activities are an injection of motivation and group cohesion in a short period of time.

For an experience it is memorable but if your company wants to have a long lasting process of teambuilding through enjoyment, ask for more.

Laughter Therapy Workshops & Expressive Games

It is an experiential experience, highly enjoyable and fun where participants interact with each other through playful proposals that in a few minutes release stress and inhibitions, unite and awaken joy and authentic laughter.

An effective formula of awakening to unite groups and motivate people.

Creativity laboratory

Fully experiential training capsules that facilitate the potential by seeking a creative, innovative and highly positive work environment, which activate the latent potential and detect challenges.

The dynamics are driven by creativity, expression and fun. In all, joy is the motor that drives us to create together from music, play, theater or movement.

Ideal for: business dinners, starting an intense corporate training, closing meetings, end of the year or for new additions.

Interested in receiving a Workshop to learn these tools? Ask For a Training Workshop for your TeamLeaders