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Systemic Thinking

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Systemic Thinking

The systemic approach is a method developed by Bert Hellinger as a basis of Family Constellations. Gunthard Weber undertook the task of applying the method to the field of organizations. Since 1984 it is spreading with greater impact in large companies and international congresses with countries such as Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, among others.

The method considers a group driven by a purpose as a System where relationships can be influenced by unconscious reactions or decisions. Part of the information that exists is perceived in the environment but is not easily visible. The facilitator helps the consultant to access this information not explicit but present, to raise awareness and take better decisions and benefit relations and also the system as a whole.

Possible problems

  • Mergers or large acquisitions
  • Layoffs or new incorporations
  • Relationships between departments
  • Leadership

When the guidelines do not arrive well, a tension is perceived in the atmosphere, departments compete or patterns of behavior are repeated in the culture of the company that hinder good communication and safety in decision-making.

what Solutions does this offer?

  • Take perspective
  • Get a representation of the key figures involved
  • Achieve an immediate interpretation from another angle
  • Directly test the possibilities to face each decision, area, department or figure/role.
The process allows us to become aware of the underlying problem and make decisions with greater knowledge and awareness.

what We propose

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