Workshops & Consulting Services

Training & Learning are one of our structural bases as an organization. In a world of constant change, we need to have different perspectives and actualize our point of view every now and then.

The way we perceive reality and express our certainties in a group, to make decisions together, can be sometimes a real challenge.

If we have a honest insight of our company, we can find some problems like:

  • Closed minded culture or atmosphere with lack of harmony or recognition
  • Old or inadvertent dynamics between decision makers and/or the team.
  • Boring meetings with too much talking and thinking.

Our proposals and solutions to help your organization Inspire or ‘Transform’, are in this three big fields:

  • Systemic Thinking, understanding how different parts of a system can influence one another within a whole. This service is available as a workshop and as a consulting service.
  • Teambuilding through Laughtherapy, Arts and Enthusiasm or Motivational Research, this is the Play, Laugh, Heal area where we enjoy the process of meeting each other outside of our roles and in a healthy atmosphere. This service can only be held as a workshop.
  • Strategy and Creativity, unifying the individual vision and the one group vision, setting priorities or goals with a transversal and innovative method or a visual thinking and design thinking method. This service is a workshop and also a can be used as a consultation.

A first interview of 40′ can help us understand your needs and offer you the right type of consultation service.


Systemic Thinking

This perspective helps the consultant to access a present but not explicit information, to raise awareness and take better decisions so it benefits all relations and the System as a whole.



Healthy, friendly and collaborative atmosphere in the office can be essential to be envolved, effective and creative. These activities are recognized as Prevention in Risks at Work, inside Psychosocial or Stress management areas.


Strategy and Creativity

Strategy can be effectively held with a creative attitude and the right workshop. We have some proposals such as Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play between others. Tools that can help enjoy an understand potentials.


“It turns out I was right. But nothing has come of it."

~Wislawa Szymborska